May 19th, 2013


Catch up

Can't believe I forgot to post last night until I'd put the computer away! But it has been a good few days. Saw lots of mashfanficchick and her mother, both at their house and out. Today went shopping with them and got a case for the computer so I can carry it safely. Got some groceries too and picked up the laundry. Have been reading on my Nook too and put the two gift cards I have on my account so I now have $35 worth of free reading coming to me! Yay! No idea what I'm going to get next, I'll have t browse around.

Bed soon.

Gratitude list:

1. Warm and dry after a very damp rainy day.

2. My new phone. Managed to download two games to it today.

3. The cats.

4. Chocolate.

5. Bed soon.

6. The FWiB.
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