May 14th, 2013


Not much to say

Work was OK, nothing much happened. The weather was colder than yesterday, too.

Worked late, pancakes for dinner. Yum. Had to run out to the store for the syrup.

Bed now.

Gratitude List:

1. Pancakes.

2. Made it to the store before it closed.

3. The cats.

4. Nice, if not gorgeous, weather.

5. Good books.

6. Quiet day at work.
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Yet another day

Work was ok, nothing special except I did the laptop program with the teens.

After work I did some shopping, got hallal lamb over rice from the cart, and went to my meeting. The topic was patience, and I know I need to get more especially when dealing with certain people.

Gratitude List:

1. My meeting and the people there.

2. Quiet day.

3. The FWiB.

4. Friends.

5. The Kid.

6. Cats.
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