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Worked from home

Found stuff to do. There was a staff meeting and the YA programming chat, and that was some time taken. And I worked on the ongoing blog post.

Anyway literally a minute after 5:00, the Kid called, for the first of three calls today. She ordered a mini washer and dryer for her apartment. Then I called Oldest Brother. He didn't do so well in talkin, but he was trying more complicated things than before, so I don't know what to think. He had a physical exam today.

Skyped the FWiB, we talked for nearly two hours, which was nice. After that, I put on Kenny and Tommy and listened until it was time to call Middle Brother. He's doing well. And very enthused about his birthday. Which isn't until March, so go figure.

Then I went to make dinner and was just starting to eat when the Kid called for her third call. This time she was unhappy again, so I talked to her until she cheered up. Which was until almost 9. I called Oldest Brother to say good night and then fed the pets, and put on Kenny and Tommy again.

Tomorrow is my eye exam at Target.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Good music.

3. Middle brother is good.

4. New glasses soon.

5. The Kid cheered up.

6. Oldest Brother taken care of.

Edoted to add: The two Dr. Seuss books I ordered for Middle Brother arrived today.

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