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The day after

I felt so shaky this morning I ended up calling in late and getting to work at 12. I still don't feel great, but at the same time, oddly hopeful.

I didn't say yesterday, but I defriended a "friend" on facebook. Someone that I used to care about deeply, a friend from a long time, who became a major Trumpista. I stuck with being her friend on facebook even so, despite the fact that on several occasions she abused me nastily with vaguebooking for our political differences. Finally though yesterday, I had enough. She posted about the "civil war" in DC, and how the only reason she wasn't there was that she was too old for "guerilla street fighting". I reported the post to facebook and defriended her. Facebook did nothing about the post, I didn't really expect them to, but what shocked me was that this morning she had sent me a friend request. I have ignored it so far, will probably continue to do so. But it hurts. Last night I dreamed about her.

I should also mention that yesterday another person connected with ship-of-fools died, not a regularposter, but the partner of one, who is also a facebook friend. He died of Covid. That shook me too.

So anyway, just to make the morning complete, my phone fell into the full sink. I dried it off as best O could, and it seems ok.

Couldn't get through to Oldest Brother all morning, turned out he wasn't in his room, he was sitting by the nurses station. So I guess stitting up is better than lying around most of the day.

Work was boring though I had the YA programming chat which was interesting.

Came home and Skyped the FWiB. Then I read on line, and then called Middle Brother. He's doing fine. Called Oldest Brother again, and then called the Kid, who didn't pick up.

Then I went and started dinner, and the Kid called. So we talked a bit while I ate.

Played a lot of solitaire, then fed the pets and here I am.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My brothers are both OK.

3. Oldest Brother said someone had been talking to him about disability.

4. The Kid.

5. My unicorn calendar arrived, and I ordered a penguin calendar.

6. Congress approved the electoral votes.

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