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Moving Day

I got up a bit after 7:00, and showered, and dressed, then had coffee and breakfast. Got done just in time for RK to arrive.

We went to the house and I moved some stuff up from the basement but most I just left as it wasn't Oldest Brother's. The movers got there, and honestly I wasn't too impressed with them. But enough said.

While they packed, RK and i played a game of Ticket to Ride, which I lost, but only by one point, which considering I was playing a game I only played once before, against RK, is amazing. That kept me calm while the packing went on.

RK had to leave before they were done, though ironically, only just. I paid and they left, and I called an Uber. But the app didn't recognize the Bethpage train station, and I didn't know the address, so I put in that I would fill in the destination later. I figured I'd just tell the driver Bethpage train station and he'd take care of it. Bad decision. The driver didn't speak a word of English, literally. I could not make myself understood, or figure out what he expected me to do, so I just got out of the car. Uber charged me $8.21 for that. I don't know how to challenge the charge, and it isn't worth the fuss. I called a cab, and there was no problem.

The Kid called while I was looking over the room, and I called her back after we were done. I also called Oldest Brother to tell him.

The train didn't come for a half an hour, but it wasn't cold, so I was OK. Then I took the bus home from Jamaica and got home. I e-mailed the landlord's agent with the proof of what I paid, and we'll see if the landlord will actually reimburse me.

Anyway, I also paid Oldest Brother's car insurance, through after talking to him, and to the Kid, I'm going to see about cancelling it, or suspending it, in the future, because he isn't going to need it for a long time.

I called Oldest Brother again and then Skyped the FWiB, which was fun and relaxing. Then I spent the rest of the day relaxing until 8:30 when I called Middle Brother, and then Oldest Brother again. Middle brother wants me to call him twice on New Year's Eve, once at 8:30 as usual for Thursday, and once at midnight for New Year's.

And that was the day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. RK.

3. It's over.

4. Middle Brother is well.

5. Wasn't too cold today.

6. The LIRR.

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