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Merry Christmas

Slept until about 10:30 and got up to find Middle Brother already awake and dressed. I gave him his stocking which he enjoyed.

I called Oldest Brother and when I got through, put the Kid through as a conference call. So we all, including Middle Brother, had a chance to say Merry Christmas and hello.

We had breakfast, and I quickly read on the computer. Then I showered and dressed, and Middle brother and I left to bring him back to the group home. There were no hangups, everything went fine, first the bus, then the train to the transfre, then the train to Smithtown. The person from the group home got there a few minutes after we did so we didn't have to wait.

Then I waited for the train back. It was a long wait, over an hour, but not too bad. The trip back was fine. The Kid called; we had been talking about me going over to her place after i got back to Jamaica but we thought better of it and I just came home.

I had something to eat quickly (cheese and crackers and leftover deli meat from last night), and then called Oldest Brother to let him know I was back. Then I Skyped the FWiB. We had a nice time.

After we got off I put away the air mattress, and then had dinner, mac and cheese, and a blood orange for dessert. I went and played solitaire till it was time to feed the pets.

And here I am. Merry Christmas!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother getting better.

3. Conference calls.

4. Middle Brother's group home.

5. Day off tomorrow before I have to do anything major.

6. Christmas.

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