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A bit of good luck for a change

So today I used comp time and annual leave to take the day off.

Got up, ate, showered, dressed, and went to wait for RK. Checked my mail first, and the NYS Dept. of Taxation sent me a check for a whole whopping one dollar and eighteen cents, an interest payment on my tax refund due to the change in the filing deadline this year due to Covid. Oh yay. Also got a Christmas card from Jackie and Randall. That was nice.

RK picked me up, and after going back to his place so he could take some meds he forgot to take, we went to the hospital. The security guard was sort of hostile, but he sent up stairs to get his debit card so I could change his mail address to mine, and his drivers license which I thought I would need for a locksmith. The nurse came down with his whole wallet, AND HIS KEYES!! Which we've been trying to pin down since he got there! John tried to get them on Monday and was told they weren't in his room. I tried to get from him what happened to them, with no luck, a nurse supposedly went and searched his belongings and said they weren't there... BUT TODAY THEY WERE FOUND IN HIS PANTS POCKET! And I didn't even ask for them, she just brought them! So that was the stroke of luck at long last.

Because with the keys we were able to get into his room without having to call a locksmith, and also I have his car key so I can get his car moved eventually.

I also brought him my copy of the Fae and the Furious, the Ben Aaronovitch novella I got Thursday. I finished it so I'm loaning it to him, I hope it doesn't get lost.

Anyway, we went to the house and Brian let us in the house, and I figured out which key opened the room, and we were able to find his glasses and cellphone charger, and also clean all his stuff from the kitchen and dining room.

After that we went back to the hospital and I sent the glasses and charger up to him. I called the Kid and John to tell them.

Then we went back to Flushing and I bought RK lunch from a Korean place. They messed up the order, but it all worked out.

Then he brought me back home, and I ate, and then Skyped the FWiB. After that I got on the post office site and got his mail all forwarded to me.

Then I went to the bedroom and called [personal profile] mashfanficchick and told her what was up, and then I just played solitaire and fiddled on my phone for a long while, and relaxed.

Then I called Oldest Brother again, and I think that he might possibly be a teeny little bit better. He managed to tell me he finished the Aaronovitch and enjoyed it, so I think his basic intelligence and mind are still there. He didn't get the cellphone plugged in yet though so we can't try texting.

Anyway, the other thing I did was download the newest Mercedes Lackey Elemental Wizards book and start reading it. Because I deserve some mental popcorn.

Fed the pets, and here i am.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. RK.


4. Brian.

5. Other friends.

6. Fun books.

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