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Pretty quiet day

Got to work early. Not much to be said about it. Not a whole lot going on. The Kid called and we talked a long time. She is coming to some important conclusions about things in her life.

After work I came home and Skyped the FWiB. His internet went down though and we ended up the conversation on the phone. Things are going OK.

Then I had my Al-anon meeting by Zoom. Step 12. Finally the end of the year. It went very well.

Then I had dinner and waited for Oldest Brother to call. Some worrisome news, Aunt Helen isn't doing so well. She passed out today and they took her to the hospital. Turns out she isn't getting enough oxygen, so they put her on a tank and sent her home, she has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Mentally she is OK, he said. So say a prayer anyone so inclined. We'll see how it goes. She's 91 and not in great shape physically.

Anyway, I called the Kid again to tell her, and we ended up having another long conversation.

Speaking of not being well, another long time member of ship-of-fools is near death. After only losing Rossweisse a few days ago, this is doubly awful.

But on the cheerier side, the Starsky and hutch advent calendar is now open, with three lovely artworks. My gifts are still to come.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Aunt Helen is home from the hospital.

3. The Kid is feeling good.

4. I pretty much finished my leftovers.

5. Whipped cream.

6. Quiet day.

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