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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Tomorrow is the day!

Slept very soundly last night, didn't wake up at all until the alarm went off. Then I hit the snnooze button too many times and had to hurry to make the bus on time. But I did.

Work was pretty quiet. It was the last day for our really wonderful guard, he's leaving to move to Texas. We will miss him, the best guard we've had in... like forever.

After work, which, if you recall, let us out at 2:00 today, I came home and did some needed housework. I tidued stuff away, did all the dishes, and generally straightened up. It isn't perfect, but a lot better. Then I SKyped the FWiB, who up until then had been busy with other things.

We had a nice talk, and then I got my turkey salt and pepper shakers (I have two sets, one was my mother's, and one she got me), my two turkey toothpick holders, and my turkey tea light holder. I opened up my table and set it up with the centerpiece and the turkeys and the table cloth, and silverware. I also put the chairs out and got some serving stuff out. So everything's ready for tomorrow.

I puttered on-line for awhile then, and finally had dinner, which I ate in the living room to keep the table neat. Had ice cream for dessert, and washed and put everything away.

Then I went to the bedroom and called the Kid, just a brief call cause she was playing a video game with the Boy. We made plans for her to video call tomorrow. Then I read until I finished The Riddle of the Wren. Just as good as I remembered it, but of course, it IS Charles de Lint.

Oldest Brother called and we discussed plans for tomorrow. And then I fed the pets, and here I am.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Getting out at 2:00.

3. Food from Boston Market.

4. Ice cream.

5. The Kid is happy.

6. Good books.

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