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Worked from home

So I found things to do that I hope at least qualify as work. I think they should. Including starting the work of writing my proposed blog post on pre-Tolkien fantasy. And doing my first hour of the distributed calling ASK service. I was really nervous about that but as it turns out I only got two calls, one hung up before i could take it, and the other said something in a heavily accented voice, and then apparently hung up too. So I didn't actually get to work with ether.

After work I put in a Shipt order, which included the other two things I had to get for Thanksgiving, frozen green beans and whipped cream. So my part is done. Now I just have to clean up a little more around here.

Skyped with the FWiB. Nothing much new there. We had a nice time, and then my Shipt order came, and I got off to put it away.

After that I puttered online until it was time for dinner. After dinner I went to the bedroom and called the Kid. She was busy with the Boy, though, so we didn't talk long. Then I puttered on my phone and read until Oldest Brother called. He still hasn't got his car back. But he did do house hunting and some packing for the move.

A sad note. On Ship-of-Fools, Rosseweisse, the woman who has had terminal cancer, is very near the end. I met her once in Real Life, a very nice person. But at least she got to cast her vote against Trump, and see him lose. I wish she had been able to see Biden sworn in.

And that is about all.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The GSA has agreed to start the transition process.

3. Found things for work.

4. Ice cream for dessert.

5. Didn't have heavy calls in my session.

6. The life of Rosseweisse.

Edited to add: Today is Wolfenoot, the holiday in honor of dogs made up by the little boy in New Zealand. Be nice to your pets today, and howl at the moon. Arooow!

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