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Day with Oldest Brother

Got up and had breakfast and coffee. then took my shower and dressed. Had a bit of time before Oldest Brother was due, so I Skyped with the FWiB. Had about a half hour before he got here, which was nice.

When Oldest Brother got here the first thing we did was put up my Thanksgiving turkey lights around the entranceway into the living room from the hall. They look very nice.

Then we ordered our Thanksgiving dinner from Boston Market. The ordering process was harder than it should have been, but I beat it into submission and got it ordered. We pick it up Thanksgiving morning.

Then I put Masquerade in Lodi on his Nook, so he can finally read it. And we got a "room wanted" notice on Craigslist posted.

Then we changed the water in the turtle tank, and I cleaned the filter. The water is much cleaner now.

Oldest Brother took a nap then, and I Skyped the FWiB again. After we finished Skyping, there was still some time left before I woke up Oldest Brother so I went to the bedroom and played solitaire and listened to the wind howling outside.

After Oldest Brother got up, we ordered dinner through Seamless, two Grace Kelly value meals. I got onion rings with mine, very yummy. While we were waiting for delivery we looked at facebook.

After dinner he took another brief nap and I puttered on my phone. Then we called Middle Brother, who is doing fine.

Finally, after that I signed him up for and posted a profile for him there. Then he had to leave, and I went and read till it was time to feed the pets. That being done, here, I am, everything I wanted to do today accomplished.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. Middle Brother doing well.

4. My turkey lights.

5. Thanksgiving dinner ordered.

6. The Space X flight went up safely.

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