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Staff Meeting on a Vacation Day

I got up earlier than I've been getting up, and had breakfast and coffee.

I puttered around on the computer, and then Skyped the FWiB. He's going to the pulmonologist tomorrow.

I went and read after that, until 4:00 when I came out and got ready for the staff meeting at 4:15. It was OK, nothing much to say about it. The Kid called during it and I had to tell her I couldn't talk, but I called her back after it was over. Nothing major, she wanted to show me the Christmas cards she's sending.

After we talked I put the time I spent in the meeting on my e-time, and then went and read until 6:00, when I went to an on-line discussion of The Fellowship of the Ring, part of the Tolkien discussion I've been doing once a month. It was a lot of fun.

After it was over I ordered dinner from the place that does the Grace Kelly burgers, and puttered on line til it got here.

Ate, and it was delicious as always. Then I read some more until 8:30 when I called Middle Brother. I'm a little worried, he was at the doctors again today. I hope everything's OK. But aside from that, he's doing well.

Then I read until I finished The Unicorn's Creed, and after that I downloaded the next one, Bronwyn's Bane. Then I put Kenny and Tommy's Live Juke Box on the computer and listened til it was time to call Oldest Brother. He's doing OK, except they wanted him to move something at work that he couldn't move. I hope there's no unpleasant repercussions from that.

Anyway, after I finish this I'm going to listen to the Juke Box for awhile longer, then go and read for awhile. Can't stay up too long because I have the All Bronx Staff Meeting tomorrow morning at ugh 9:30. Of course that'll go on my timesheet as well so I'll get credit for it, or rather, won't lose annual leave for that time.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid is happy.

3. The Tolkien discussion.

4. Chocolate.

5. Oreo seems fine, though still sniffling.

6. Good books.

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