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Got my flu shot

That's about the only thing to say about today. I slept late again, then got up and breakfasted and coffeed, showered, and went to the drugstore for my prescriptions and a flu shot. My insurance covers the shot entirely so it's essentially free. I also go a small thing of hand sanitizer, and a small present for [personal profile] mashfanficchick

After that I came home and lay down for awhile. The FWiB was busy so we didn't Skype until later.

Finally I got up and paid my rent, which, I'm glad to say is still what I was expecting. And I downloaded the workspace app so I can use sierra from my home so I can do the distributed calls setup when I'm working from home.

Finally i Skyped the FWiB, and we talked for a nice long time.

After that I had dinner, and went to the bedroom to read. I read Song of Sorcery on my Nook, until just before Oldest Brother was supposed to call. He called a bit late, and we talked mainly about our plans for Halloween.

Then I called the Kid and had a short conversation with her.

And then I fed the pets. Oreo is still a little snuffly but no worse than yesterday and maybe better. So that's good.

Eight days til the election. I'm nervous.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Got my flu shot and it isn't giving me any problems.

3. My rent was the normal amount... worried about when the increase they asked for based on the improvements will go into effect.

4. Halloween coming soon.

5. Oreo isn't very sick.

6. Good books.

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