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Met the Boy

Got up this morning at 10, or actually somewhat after, to get ready.

Ate breakfast, and coffeed, then showered and washed and moussed my hair and got dressed. By then it was after 12 so I left for Akiyama.

Got a bus almost immediately, which was good. Got off a stop too early so I had extra walking to do, but a little exercise is always good. Arrived a little earlly, so I waited in the parking lot of the strip mall that Akiyama's in, and watched the wild parrots. There's three nests now, and the parrots seem to be doing very well. at just before 1 the Kid called and said they were just getting an Uber, so I went to the restaurant and confirmed our reservation.

We had requested outdoor seating so they brought a table out for us and I sat and waited for them. They arrived around 1:15 or so, and I met the Boy. He does indeed seem lovely, and we had a very nice time I think. The kid and I had sushi deluxe lunches, and he had two rolls. I had plum wine and they had Sapporo beer. We talked and I finished up with red bean ice cream. And the Boy paid for us!

Then they went over to Powell's Cove Park, and I went home, stopping at Petco for turtle food. Got on the bus and darned if I didn't miss my stop. Luckily the next stop is only a little ways away.

Got here and Skyped the FWiB. We talked for a nice long time. I also texted [personal profile] mashfanficchick about getting together tomorrow. We probably won't; the weather is going to be bad. Dori facebooked me too.

After the FWiB I puttered on the computer for awhile, then went to the bedroom intending to read but ended up playing solitaire on my phone to win a challenge in the app.

Came back out to the living room to the computer again, and after a bit I decided to reread Masquerade in Lodi. It holds up very well to rereading. When I was almost done, and it was almost time to call Oldest Brother, he texted me and said he was just leaving work and could he call me when he got home. So of course I said sure, and went back to Masquerade in Lodi. After I finished I went to the bedroom and puttered on my phone til it was time to feed the pets.

Just started writing this when he called, so we have just finished talking, and I'm going to finish this, and then go and read.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. The Boy seems like a lovely person.

4. Oldest Brother made a good start at the new position today.

5. Delicious lunch of sushi. Cause nothing says "meeting the Kid's new boyfriend" like raw fish on rice.

6. Wild parrots.

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