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Day with family

I got up, had breakfast and coffee, showered, dressed, and went and got the 44 bus. Made it to Jamaica only to miss a train by literally seconds. I made it to the platform while the train was still there but the doors were already shut.

So I waited til 12 (the train was at 12:19) and called Oldest Brother and told him I was going to be late.

Got to Merrick by about 12:44, and had him come and get me and we went to Aunt Helen's. We sat in the front yard with Aunt Helen and John and Brianne and Denise. We stayed a long time, just talking, and it was very nice.

Then Oldest Brother and I left. He drove me home, stopping at Rite Aid for soda and ice cream. We had a really hard time finding a parking spot, but finally did, though a good deal farther away than usual. We ordered sushi from Sushi Family Express for dinner, their combo for 2 or 3.

While we were waiting for it, Oldest Brother took a nap, and I called the Kid. I can now say what's been going on for awhile, she has a boyfriend. He's named Joey, and he's an ironworker, a foreman. She is quite happy.

Anyway, after I spoke to her, I woke up Oldest Brother and we called Middle Brother. He's doing well. Looking forward to Halloween.

The sushi arrived ad we ate and it was very good. Then he had to leave, so I Skyped the FWiB for a brief time.

Oldest Brother called me to say he'd arrived at work safely, and that was the day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My family.

3. The LIRR.

4. Sushi.

5. The Kid's new boyfriend.

6. Bed soon.

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