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Remember last month I had trouble paying my T-mobile bill? I'm pretty sure I posted about it. I assumed that they were having trouble with the website and it would be fixed by now. Well no, I just tried to pay my T-mobile bill for this month had had the exact same issue. Grrr.

At the same time, my e-mail is acting up, both the app on my phone and the webmail on the computer. So I am frustrated and annoyed with technology right now.

However, to get to the day: Got up and got breakfast and coffee. Started working. Watched webinars, and a genre training, and read an article and filled out a survey and fixed the facebook post for my book discussion.

The Kid called and I missed part of a webinar talking to her, but she's feeling pretty good. She let the parakeet file around the living room with the doors closed to keep Carmina out, and he had a great time.

After work I Skyped the FWiB. He's doing well.

Then I called in my dinner, got a Grace Kelly burger.

After dinner I went and lay down n the bedroom, meaning to read, but I ended up playing solitaire until Oldest Brother called. He had a frustrating day too.

I fed the cat and turtle and then tried to pay the phone bill. I eventually had to pay it as a guest, without logging in, like I did last month. The problem is that when I try to add my card as a payment method when I'm logged in, the "continue" button won't work.

Anyway, I finally got it paid as a guest and then paid my CareCredit card bill. That was frustrating too because they wanted me to update some info and I had to look it up.

Anyway, then I started here, and so far so good.

Tomorrow working at the branch.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Got bills paid.

3. Work went well.

4. The parakeet is happy.

5. The Kid in a better mood.

6. Tomorrow is another day.

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