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A Parakeet!!??

I got to work on time and worked til lunch.

Then as I was finishing lunch, my phone rang and it was the Kid. First words out of her mouth, "There's a budgie outside my window!" Turns out that while she was calling she walked into her kitchen and saw Carmina staring out the window. She looked out and there was a green-and-yellow parakeet clinging to the screen. So while I was on the line she carefully opened the window and got hold of the bird, and brought him in. She shut him in the bathroom to keep him safe from Carmina, and went out and bought an cage and stuff.

So she has this vey tame, obviously lost pet parakeet. She's going to try and find the owners if she can. So that is really pretty cool I think.

Anyway after lunch I had a YA meeting, and then immediately after that there was a staff meeting, both virtual of course. I also posted my two upcoming programs on facebook.

Came home and discovered that my signed copy of Battle Ground had been delivered! Then I Skyped the FWiB, then called Middle Brother. They are both doing well.

Ate dinner, and the Kid called again, she gave me more updates on the bird.

Then I called Oldest Brother, he's doing OK.

And that was the day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Rescued parakeet.

3. Battle Ground.

4. My brothers are OK.

5. Ice cream for dessert.

6. Bed and reading soon.

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