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Harried evening

The first part of the day was fine, I made it to work nice and early, and worked, weeding and some other stuff. Scheduled the two virtual programs I'm having in October, and puttered around with power point templates.

Then everything started to happen at once. First I matched with one guy on Hinge. I messaged him back that I was at work and I'd get back to him. Spoiler, I haven't been able to yet. That was just a hint of the rush to come.

I had that union meeting at 6:45, so I rushed out and to the bus at closing. Got home just in time, turned on the computer, went to wash my hands while it was logging in, and the Kid called. Not in a good state of mind. I talked to heer as long as I could, and promise I'd call her back after the meeting.

Then I tried to get into the meeting. And tried. And tried. Finally I was successful, and missed only the union board introducing themselves. I listened to the statement read by the union president, which was most of the meeting and said very little I didn't already know, in a very long fashion. Then he had time for a few questions. At which point I got a message from anther guy on Hinge. Messaged him back that I was glad to hear from him but couldn't talk and I'd get back to him. Spoiler, not yet.

I called the Kid back. At this point I had the two guys from Hinge waiting, the FWiB waiting to Skype, and my laundry to pick up. The Kid was in a very bad way, I did what I could to talk to her, and eventually things were better and we got off. I e-mailed the FWiB to Skype, giving up on my laundry.

He e-mailed me at the same time that he had started his nebulizing and therefore couldn't Skype yet. So I went and actually had something for dinner. I was just finished when the phne rang and it was Oldest Brother.

So we started talking... and the bad news is that one of the workers at Middle Brother's group home has Covid. So they are on 14 day lockdown again. And he had just reached that point when he got a call through and took it, saying he'd call me back.

So I waited. And waited. And finally the FWiB finished nebulizing and I said to Skype. Just as I was verifying my e-mail address to sign up for a Discord, he did. So we started talking... and immediately Oldest Brother called back.

So I told the FWiB to hang on, got the info about Middle Brother, found out why he'd been so long, and then told him I'd call him back, and went back to the FWiB.

We talked for about half an hour, and then I called Oldest Brother back. And I should say that the reason he took so long getting back to me was that an old friend had called, and told him two mutual old friends had died. So that was a downer too. One of them was Mickey B, his old boss and friend, who had been very good to him in the past, and I feel pretty bad about that.

Anyway, so now it's after 12, my laundry needs to be picked up tomorrow, and it's far too late to contact the guys from Hinge.

And just to add misery, the reason I was trying out Discord was that the private board on ship-of-fools that I use, which is for people with mental health issues, is being closed by the ship and we have to find a new place.

I'm beat. I need to go to bed. Oh forgot to say I also knocked over the external hard drive. Hope it's OK.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Heard from guys I liked on Hinge finally.

3. My union.

4. Middle Brother's group home takes care of him.

5. The private board is moving, not closing.

6. Ice cream.

Oh, and livejournal seems to be down, too.

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