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Last day of work before a week's vacation

Next week is the week I rescheduled after I canceled the week when I was going to go see the FWiB. I was hoping then that enough time would have passed that I'd be able to go this week instead. Ha! Covid-19, I hate you.

Anyway, I got up and had breakfast, then made it to work nice and early. Mostly I weeded my non-fiction, since I finished the graphic novels and manga. I discovered that my college guide books all date from 2018, and I am dubious about keeping them. I have made inquiries.

Anyway, after work I got lucky and got a bus pretty quickly. I was going over the Whitestone Bridge when the Kid called. The reception is lousy going over the bridge, but I got most of what she said. She was in a pretty good mood.

Came home and Skyped the FWiB. Talked about an hour as is the norm. After that I ordered dinner on Seamless. Had my usual Grace Kelly burger (a burger with cheese, friend onions, mushrooms, and a slice of ham) and a chocolate egg cream. I read on the computer my usual sites until it came.

After dinner I went and read more of my reread of the Lord of the Rings. We are up to Moria now. Called Oldest Brother at 9:30, he still hasn't found a place to live, but he has been looking.

Fed Oreo and Christie, and that's about the sum of the day. After I finish here I'll go back and read some more.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Good dinner.

3. Quiet day.

4. Time off.

5. The LOTR.

6. My kitty Oreo.

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