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Still working on photos

Got up and had breakfast and coffee, and did my usual internet stuff. I put through a Shipt order, too. Then I started working on the photos again. I finished the 2006 vacation pics, though weirdly, some of the pictures with a 2006 date are very obviously from 2005, so go figure. And I did Thanksgiving, and a few small folders. The Shipt order was delivered while I was working on them.

Then I Skyped the FWiB. We had a nice time, but as soon as I finished, my computer overheated again and shut off. This makes twice now. If it keeps up, something's going to have to be done. I'll try repair first, but it may be time for a new computer. At least I have the new external drive so I can save things.

Anyway, the Kid called, and we had a short conversation. She seems much more cheerful.

After that I turned off the computer and went to the bedroom to read. I took The Fairy Caravan, which you will remember I had just gotten from Amazon or ebay, I forget which. That's the only full length book Betrix Potter ever wrote. I reread that. and it's just as sweet and lovely as I remember. It's short, so I finished it.

Then I had dinner, and ice cream for dessert. And I went to the bedroom again to read, and I picked the other book that I just got, Tom's Tower, which is a really delightful children's book too. And I'm enjoying it. Read that til it was time to call Oldest Brother.

Called him, and we talked while I fed the pets.

And that's about all. The Kid has added sugar scrubs and salt scrubs to her Etsy. Remember, CraftyClotheshorse.

And that's all for today.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Being able to get old books on-line.

3. Getting the photos done.

4. The Kid cheerful.

5. My external hard drives.

6. Good books.

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