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Seeing people!

Started the day later than I wanted, turns out I had set my alarm clock for 10 pm instead of 10 am. Luckily I woke up at 11 so it wasn't too bad. I quickly showered and washed my hair and moussed it, and then I had time to eat breakfast, and have coffee and Skype the FWiB.

We talked until it was time for me to leave to go meet the Kid and [personal profile] mashfanficchick and zer mother at Harvey Park.

So I grabbed my camera, and my folding chair, and went to the bus stop. I figured, luck being what it is, I would have to wait about 15 minutes to half an hour for a bus, but instead one showed up just as I got there, so I made it to the park quite fast.

I settled in at the statue of the six foot white rabbit (it's actually called Harvey Park after an old time Queens politician, but someone at some time must have decided that a park called Harvey needed a six foot white rabbit. And if you don't get the reference, google it.) But after a bit it started to rain, so I moved under a piece of playground equipment.

The rain didn't last long, and some parents and kids started showing up, so I moved back to Harvey. And eventually they showed up. Since we all had chairs, we moved further into the park and settled under some trees. They had gotten food, so we ate, I had a Popeye's chicken sandwich. And we had a nice time.

By 5:30 the bugs were starting to bite, so we ended the visit. I walked them back to the car, and then took the bus home.

I got home, and went straight to working on the recovered photos, and by golly, I finished the folder of vacation upstate 2005. And that was a job! Maybe tomorrow I'll start 2006, that should be easier for some reason. Fewer duplicates, don't ask me why.

Then I had a gin and tonic to celebrate completion, and went to the bedroom to wait til it was time to call Oldest Brother. Three minutes before I called him, the Kid called me. She wanted me to start burning the candle she gave me and tell her how the scent was and how well it burned.

So I lit it, and we talked for about a half hour, and then we got off and I fed the pets and called Oldest Brother.

And now it's time for bed and reading.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Friends and seeing them.

3. The Kid.

4. Got that folder finished.

5. The bus system.

6. My lavendar candle from the Kid.

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