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New Aaronovitch book!

Last night I stayed up deliberately til a bit after midnight to try and download the new Aaronovitch, Stories From The Folly. The listing on my Nook still said "Pre-order" and that it couldn't be downloaded yet. So I went to sleep.

At 2:45 I woke up to use the bathroom, and checked my e-mail. I had gotten the notice that the book was available, so I fired up the Nook again and tried to download it. No luck, it still said "Pre-order". There was a number for customer service, so I thought maybe they have 24 hour service, and gave it a try. They don't have 24 hour service. So I went back to sleep.

At 8:30 I got up for working from home, and checked my e-mail. Now I also had the billing confirmation as well as the notice it was available, so I fired up the Nook and tried to download it. It still said "Pre-order" and that it was unavailable.

So I had breakfast, and called customer service again, (yes, when I should have been working, so sue me) and got put on hold waiting for the next available representative. And while I was waiting, in between the music, they gave helpful hints to solve problems. They suggested going to Nook support. So, having nothing better to do, and being seated right in front of my computer I did.

And from that I got the suggestion to refresh my library. Which I had no idea how to do, but it showed. So I did, only took one tap... And it worked! The funny thing is, I never had to before with anything I pre-ordered. But at least I know now in case it happens again.

And that is the tale of how I got the new Ben Aaronovitch book downloaded. I was good, too, I only read it on lunch and break, and after work.

Now for the tale of the staff meeting we were supposed to have at 11:00, which got cancelled officially at 11:45 (yes you read that right, 45 minutes after it was supposed to start), rescheduled unofficially for 3:00, then at 2:58, officially for 3:15. I suspect my boss is stressed out, what with the reopening Monday. Anyway we finally had the meeting and it was pretty pointless.

Aside from all this, I Skyped the FWiB after work, talked to the kid, who is buying me another digital picture frame, as a very much delayed birthday present, and had my Al-anon meeting by Zoom. And that is another tale in and of itself, I had awful technical difficulties. I am starting to think I need a new computer, this one is getting very old, from back when I lived in my previous apartment.

The new Aaronovitch is quite good, btw, though he does have the habit of ending his short stories very abruptly, to abruptly sometimes IMHO.

Oldest Brother called and we talked, for almost an hour, which was nice.

Christie completely finished off the brand new cuttlebone I gave her! Gave her part of another broken one.

And now it's time to go back and finish reading the book.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The new book.

3. The Kid.

4. My Nook.

5. My turtle.

6. Weekend!

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