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Happy day spent reading Dresden

That was basically it. I got up, got breakfast and coffee, and did my internet reading, then I went to the bedroom and read straight through til I finished the Peace Talks. Then I came out and Skyped the FWiB.

We had a nice talk, and just when we were finishing up, the Kid called. She seems a bit less depressed, which is good.

After that I began a reread of the previous Dresden book, Skin Game. I'd forgotten most of it, and some things were helpful for Peace Talks. When it got a bit after 6 I started trying to put in a Seamless order from my phone, and had trouble with the password. Finally got in though, and ordered. Read until it arrived, and then ate.

After dinner it was almost time for the Thurber reading, so I got set up for that. That was good, but he's not going to have any tomorrow or Monday because he's taking one of the dogs to the vet for her cancer checkup. Why this requires two nights off is another question, but that's up to him.

Anyway, after that i went and read some more til it was time to call Oldest Brother. While we were talking I put in an order for more turtle food from Petco. Gotta' keep my Christie fed!

It's 90 degrees f out, (32.22 c) so I don't intend going out until I have to. My ac is keeping me cool inside.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My new book.

3. On-line ordering.

4. AC.

5. Weekend.

6. The Kid.

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