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Back to work in the branch again today

Which was not as cold nor as boring as Monday.

I kept hitting snooze so I didn't have time to make coffee or eat breakfast before I left, which I never used to do anyway, but I thought I might start. But I got there early enough to get half and half and a croissant from the deli and make my coffee.

I brought my penguin sweatshirt with me and wore that during the day, which is one reason I was warmer. But also I don't think the AC was as fierce. And the reason it wasn't as boring was that a bunch of the maintenance guys were there, plus the custodian, so there was interesting conversation going on.

Came home, and the replacement dragon incense burner John Ivon ordered for me had arrived, in perfect shape this time. So now I have two of them. Going to have to let him know tonight or tomorrow.

Skyped the FWiB when I got home for an hour. The kid called during that time and I told her I'd call back, and I did and we talked for quite a lng time, while I made and ate dinner, and then lying down in the bedroom.

Oldest Brother called while we were talking, and I fed the cat and turtle, and then called him back. He's doing well.

Paid my phone bill, and was going to pay my MCU credit card til I remembered that I have a negative $313 balance because of the refund from the plane tickets. Yay!

And that's about all there is to say.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Warm sweatshirt.

3. Oreo greeted me at the door.

4. Crossposting working again.

5. Lovely flowers on the way to work.

6. Don't have to get up so early tomorrow.

Edited to add: Spoke to soon, crosspost didn't go through again. Bah.

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