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Day 103: Geting closer.

I go back to work Monday. This is probably not a surprise since I've been saying it's soon. I'll stop the day countdown then.

30 branches, including mine, are having staff report Monday. For two weeks all 30 will be closed to the public, then on the 13th, 8 branches (not mine) open for grab-and-go service. You walk in, you get your holds, you walk out. Everyone will be required to wear a mask. Beyond that we don't yet know any specific dates.

For the next two weeks I'll be working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (but not the 3rd, that's a holiday) in the branch, and Tuesday and Thursday from home. So that should be... interesting.

Anyway, today I went out like I planned and got milk and hand soap, and breakfast from the bagel place (as usual a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll). Then I came home and ate, and around 1:00 I Skyped the FWiB.

While i was waiting for him I talked to the Kid. She's OK.

At 2:00, the staff meeting I was scheduled for was cancelled so I went to the Youth Tech Afternoon Coffee check-in, and after that at 3:00 the YA Afternoon Tea. That was about half an hour, and at 4:00 there was a webinar on Drag Queen Story Hours, which was fascinating. It's an odd idea, having drag queens read kids picture books, but it works. I figure, drag queens are fun, kids are fun, story times are fun... what's not to love?

I called the Kid again, and we talked again for awhile.

After that I went and read til some time after 6:00 when I had dinner, and then got ready for my Al-anon meeting on Zoom. Disappointingly, no one from outside the group joined us tonight.

Then I made a gin and tonic and went to read, until Oldest Brother called me. Then we talked, and I fed the cat and turtle. *sigh* I just typed "cats" instead of "cat". Sybil, I miss you.

It's a birthday day today... John, Herschel, an old friend from HS that I'm facebook friends with, and someone from work. Pretty cool!

Still no crossposting yesterday.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Amusing books (I finished the 5th InCryptid book and have started the 6th).

3. Birthdays!

4. The Kid.

5. I got the SimplyE app figured out on my phone.

6. Air conditioning and fans.

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