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Day 102: Getting nervous

Had a reasonably good day, except that I've felt nervous and anxious and somewhat depressed all day.

Had no scheduled work stuff so I spent time working on my Youth Tech project. Finished it and posted it, but I won't be able to be at the discussion tomorrow, I have a staff meeting.

The Kid called me and I heard from her off and on all day. She didn't have a great day either.

The FWiB Skyped, but only for a half hour, he was Skyped out by a very long call with his family.

I spent the day when I wasn't working on my project or puttering, reading the fifth InCryptid book.

I got the $20 gift card for doing the survey, I was able to apply it to a Barnes and Noble gift card which I used for my Nook.

Got a text from mashfanficchick about something ze thought I'd like, an on-line lecture about NYC in the Revolutionary War. Maybe, I'll think about it.

And I got a phone call from john Ivon, who is going to try and get my dragon incense burner replaced. That was nice.

There was no Thurber reading tonight, sadly. And I'll miss tomorrow's of course. Oh well.

Called Middle brother, he's doing well. He did some planting in the yard today.

Listening to Kenny and Tommy's Live Jukebox now. My computer volume is screwed up though and I'm not hearing it well.

Called Oldest Brother and we talked. Then fed the cat and turtle.

Tomorrow I have to go out in the morning for milk and breakfast and hand soap. Have a staff meeting later in the day.

Have they fixed the crossposting yet? Not as of yesterday.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. Hearing from friends.

4. My brothers are OK.

5. Fun books.

6. Music.

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