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Day 101: A hell of a day

I spent most of the day either engaged in paperwork pertaining to my return to work, or talking to my boss about said paperwork, or waiting to hear from my boss about it.

I did manage to Skype the FWiB, and I talked to the Kid.

After the paperwork was done, I watched yesterday's Thurber reading (because there isn't one on Wednesday), and went and read after that.

The paperwork partly consisted of a day-by-day list of everything I'm going to do while working from home, broken down in half hour segments for a full seven hours, not counting lunch or break. My God.

I had a gin and tonic. I needed it.

Now lets see if this will crosspost or not.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid is baking cupcakes.

3. The paperwork is, I hope, done.

4. Interesting books.

5. Nutella.

6. Gin and tonic.

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