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Day 98: Father's day with Oldest Brother

Oldest Brother and I have gotten in the habit of spending Father's day together to toast or father and grandfathers, and other father figures.

So today I tried to get up at 10 but ended up not getting up til after 11. I ate breakfast and had my coffee, then showered, washed my hair and moussed it, and dressed. Was Skyping the FWiB for a few minutes when Oldest Brother called to say he was here. We had arranged to be having gin and tonics today, so he brought in the tonic wate and some limes, and then we went out to my drug store.

I picked up my prescriptions and a few things, and we came back and then did the one itm of work on the agenda, cleaning the turtle tank. We changed the water and I cleaned the filter, and it looks much better now.

After that we started on the gin, and had a lovely afternoon reading facebook and listening to music. We ordered Mexican food for dinner from Seamless, and ate around 7-ish. Then at 7:45 we called john to see how he and Aunt Helen are doing. Aunt Helen is still in the hospital but doing well; John is much better.

Oldest Brother took a brief nap, and then at 8:30 we called Middle Brother. He's doing fine too.

Oldest Brother went back to sleep, and I briefly Skyped the FWiB from my phone. We didn't have long though, but it was nice. And just when I was getting ready to wake Oldest Brother up, the Kid called. So I talked to her, and then woke him up, and they talked for awhile too. So that worked out well.

Then Oldest Brother and I ate the ice cream that I had gotten at the drug store, and then he had to go.

So a lovely day all around.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. The Kid.

4. John and Aunt Helen both doing well.

5. My father.

6. Beautiful day out.

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