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Day 91: Day of rest

I did remarkably little today. Got up and had breakfast and coffee, then puttered on-line for a long time waiting for the FWiB.

The Kid called and we had a short talk; she's afraid her cat has allergies.

I played with Oreo a bit with the cat toy that looks like a long ribbon on a Lucite stick that you twitch. He wasn't too enthusiastic, but he did some moving.

The FWiB Skyped, and we talked a little over an hour. Then I went to the bedroom and read for awhile. The InCryptid book is fun, but has some improbabilities even within its own premise.
At 7:00 I ordered dinner through Seamless, and that came at 8:00. The Thurber reading was rescheduled until 8:30, so I didn't miss any of it.

I talked to Oldest Brother, who talked to John today. John is doing well.

Someone said that things were crossposting to LJ again. We shall see.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. John is OK.

3. Oreo.

4. Fun books.

5. Seamless.

6. Lovely sunny day, even though I only saw it through the window.

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