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Day 90: Some family news

I got up at what I consider a reasonable time, around 10:30. Had breakfast and coffee, and puttered on-line.

Was just getting ready to Skype the FWiB when I got a call from Oldest Brother. Seems that John took a nasty fall at work and was taken to the hospital to be check over. They gave him a CAT scan. All was well with the scan, but he had a serious allergic reaction to the tracer dye. He's OK now, though, resting in bed.

So I called the Kid to pass on the news, and we talked a bit. And then I Skyped the FWiB. We had a nice talk, and after that I went and lay down in bed to read. I was still working on the InCryptid book, Discount Armageddon (which I've since finished) when my phone rang and it was John Ivon. Which was nice, and we talked for awhile. I didn't tell him about john though, I don't really know why not, to be honest. But he called Oldest Brother after me, so he told him.

Anyway, after that I made myself dinner, the closest I ever come to real cooking, I made some pasta and heated up some sauce. And then I went and watched the Thurber reading.

And after that i went back to the bedroom, and, as I said, I finished the book.

Called Oldest Brother again, we're going to get together on Father's Day to drink a toast to our father and grandfathers. And just hang out.

Fed the cat and turtle, and downloaded the next InCryptid book, Midnight Blue-Light Special. Still not 100% totally sold on the series, but it's good enough to try another one.

As of yesterday i was still crossposting to LJ by hand. I wish LJ would get their act together, this is tiresome.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Got a text from L this morning.

3. Fun books.

4. Old friends.

5. John is OK.

6. The Kid. (btw she called last night before bed and we talked awhile)

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