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Day 82: Busy Friday

Got up at 9:00 for the staff meeting at 10:00. Hit the snooze button too many times so I had to really rush, but I made it, dressed, breakfasted and coffeed by the start. The meeting was sort of pointless really, but it was a joint meeting with my first branch, and it was nice to see Robin, who is the only staff member still there from my time.

At 12:00 I got a call from my therapist, so we talked. Not much to say about that.

After that I puttered on-line, and then went and lay down for awhile, til I Skyped the FWiB at 2:00. We had a nice talk til 3:00 when it was time for the YA Afternoon Tea. That was interesting as always.

After that I ate some cheese and crackers, and puttered on my phone til 5:00. Then I had an unofficial (ie I couldn't claim it as work) Google hangouts gathering with other employees, playing Never Have I Ever... and drinking. I had a rum and coke. That was a lot of fun, I hope the person who set it up does it again.

That went til nearly 7:00, when I had my Al-anon meeting on Zoom. We had a good number of people, and it worked out well. There was no 8:00 meeting alas, and no Thurber reading either, so I had dinner and then went to the bedroom, and called the Kid to find out what her plans for tomorrow are. She's still planning on the protest, doesn't know what time she's going in.

I got an e-mail from my cousin Laurie. She sent a picture of Nancy's new house in Utah, where she's moving.

Oldest Brother called and we talked, then I fed Oreo and Christie, and that was the day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Old friends.

3. The Kid.

4. Fun time with other staff.

5. My therapist.

6. Friday and payday.

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