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Day 81: Interrupted sleep

Last night I spent hours in bed on facebook, looking at things about the protests. Denise sent me a video from the incident in my old home town (Merrick, if you want to google "Merrick protests" you'll find the whole sad story) and apparently there was more that went on yesterday and again today. I felt I should have gone out there today, but I didn't. I think Brianne may have, she posted something about it on facebook.

Instead, after only about 3 hours of sleep I woke up at around 5, and finally got up for breakfast at 7. I went back to bed after that, and slept a few hours longer. But now I'm tired, even after taking a short nap this evening.

Anyway, I went to the webinar I was scheduled for at 2, and then had some e-mail trouble so the FWiB ended up calling me to see if I was sending him any thing. We Skyped after that and had a good time. The e-mail worked after that.

After that I tossed on some clothing and went out to get milk. I was going to get more green tea ice cream but I ended up in the wrong store and they didn't have it (there's a couple of small grocery stores on the block) After that I went too the bedroom, and ate some cheese and crackers and then took the nap that I mentioned above. The Kid facebooked me to show me something she got. She's not going out to the protests today, which is sort of a relief. But she is going on Saturday.

I woke up at 7:30 and called Middle brother. He's doing fine, nothing new.

Watched the Thurber reading at 8, then after that turned on Kenny and Tommy's All Request Jukebox, which I'm listening to now. I really should make a request...

Called Oldest Brother, he's fine too. And I fed the cat and turtle, and here I am. I'd go to bed immediately but I'm charging my Nook.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My brothers.

3. My Nook.

4. Good music.

5. The Kid.

6> Bed soon.

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