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Day 73: Bujold reading!

Got up this morning at 10:40, which is lucky because I got a notification at 10:50 that I had signed up for a training at 11:00 which I had totally forgotten about! So I hurriedly threw on clothing and hopped on the computer and made it with three minutes to spare. So that was my work for the day. It was pretty interesting.

Then I had breakfast and coffee. I scheduled a recurring Tuesday meeting for my Al-anon group, and put it oon the intergroup page, and e-mailed everyone. Then I puttered on-line, until finally it was time to Skype the FWiB. But at 4:30 there was supposed to be the launching of the Dragon X space ship to the ISS, so we got off Skype to watch that. The launch was scrubbed though, due to weather concerns, so it's rescheduled for Saturday at 3:23 pm.

After the launch was scrubbed we got back on Skype and talked for awhile longer, then I went and lay down and read and played solitaire and cuddled with the cat until 7:00 when I had dinner.

Then at 8:00 was the Baen Books sponsored live reading by Lois McMaster Bujold on facebook. It was to promote Penric's Travels, which is the second Penric compilation of the novellas Baen has put out. She read from Penric's Mission, and then took questions. I couldn't think of a good question to ask, so I didn't say anything. Sad about that. But it was great listening to her, she looks good and sounds good. She isn't working on anything now, but although she didn't say so I got the impression there is more Penric to come.

Anyway, the Kid called me just when it started, but got off to let me listen, so I called her back after it was over and we talked awhile about pretty things she is buying. Then Oldest Brother called, so I told him I'd call back, and after the Kid and I finished, I did.

So that was my rather busy day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. Lois Bujold.

4. My Al-anon group meeting set up.

5. I got that reminder for the training.

6. Space X and NASA.

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