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Day 71: Visit from Oldest Brother

Human contact! Seeing someone not through a screen! Oh yeah!

Got up, showered and washed my hair, then dressed and went outside to take out trash and recycling and get breakfast. Breakfast was a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll from the bagel place.

Then when Oldest Bother got here we went to Rite Aid where I picked up my prescriptions and some cereal and hand soap. On the way back we stopped at the little grocery and I got green tea ice cream, and orange juice.

When we got back, I gave him the stuff I had for him, including his birthday presents and Sybil's pawprint and collar. I downloaded the two Penric novellas that he hasn't read to his Nook for him, and he helped me change the light bulb in my bedroom ceiling light that's been out.

For the rest of the afternoon we drank rum and cokes, worked on gluing the incense burner that John Ivon gave me together, listened to music, read facebook, and talked.

For dinner we ordered from Seamless, the resturant I like, and for dessert we had the green tea ice cream.

After dinner we watched the Thurber reading together, and had sparkling apple cider (that's non-alcoholic, for those who don't know).

A lovely day. I feel much saner now!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB. We didn't get to Skype but we e-mailed.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. Light bulb changed.

4. The dragon incense burner largely put together.

5. Set up a Zoom meeting for my Al-anon meeting tmorrow.


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