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Day 70: I bought sandals

Slept later than I should have, but hey! it's the weekend. Had breakfast and coffee, finished off my cheerios so I have to get more cereal tomorrow.

The FWiB didn't sleep well and was tired so we Skyped a bit shorter than usual. But had a good time.

I did quite a bit of tidying around the apartment, and I Drainoed the bathroom sink, which was running very slow again.

I called the Kid and we had a nice little talk, she sent me pictures of the parasols she just bought.

I read, still on Deathcaster. It's pretty good.

Watched the Thurber reading, but started having technical issues, not sure if it was my problem or his, towards the end. So I missed the end, which would have annoyed me more if it hadn't been one I was already familiar with.

There was a party out behind me, and I could see people from my bedroom. They were not wearing masks. Annoying.

Oldest Brother called, and we talked for about five minutes, when John called him and I told him they should talk and he should call me back. So that's what happened. And when he called back we made plans for tomorrow. He's coming over, I think it's safe since he already had the virus I can't give it to him, and he isn't contagious any more I'm sure so he can't give it to me. So I get to have living company for Memorial Day!

Oh, John Ivon facebooked me last night to ask about the dragon incense burner, I didn't tell him it was broken. He called this morning but I was still in bed and sort of groggy so I didn't answer it and he didn't leave a message. Oh well, next time.

Yesterday the crosspost worked fast enough that I didn't post the entry to LJ by hand. Hope that happens today too.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. Good books.

4. Sink is draining well.

5. Cleaned the kitchen sink too.

6. The Kid.

Edited to add: I never said anything about the sandals! I bought two pairs, one from Amazon and one from the company itself, which I doubt will be really good quality but the are pretty. I'll see when they get here

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