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Day 69: World Turtle Day

Got up, showered and dressed and went out. It was raining so I didn't go around the corner or drop off recycling, but just went straight to the discount store. I got milk and glue and some other things. Most of their milk was out of date, which did not make me happy, but I found a half gallon that was within it's sell-by date, so I got that. Then I went to the bagel shop and got a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll for breakfast.

Came home and ate and made coffee. Got a facebook message from Dori wishing a Happy World Turtle Day to my turtle. We had a nice conversation.

Puttered on the computer for a bit, and got a text message from N from the Friday meeting, so we had a bit of conversation too.

Then I Skyped with the FWiB for our usual hour, and that was very good. I still have not heard back from Expedia about my refund.

I called [personal profile] mashfanficchick to wish her happy birthday, and we had a long talk. That was nice.

After that I tidied up the apartment for awhile, mostly the kitchen, bagging the recycling and getting the Target paper bags folded up and put in another bag to store.

Then I went and read for awhile, I finished Stormcaster and downloaded the fourth book, Deathcaster.

Finally I came out and puttered online for awhile, til it was time for the Thurber reading. Apparently he didn't do one yesterday, because he took one of his dogs to be groomed, so I didn't miss anything. Except that Christie, being rambunctious for World Turtle Day, knocked her filter askew twice, so I had to fix it and go wash my hands after each time. The second time she managed to get her cuttlebone trapped behind it so after the reading was over I had to pull that out and go wash my hands again.

Then I had dinner, and went to the bedroom where I played solitaire on my phone til it was time to call Oldest Brother.

And then I fed Oreo and Christie, and started doing this.

It seems as though my entries have started crossposting again, though it takes a long time. So I'm getting double entries in LJ, the one I hand post, and the delayed crosspost. Annoying.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Turtles. Especially mine.

3. Hearing from people.

4. It was only raining a little when I went out.

5. Long weekend.

6. Good breakfast.

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