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Day 56: Happy Mother's Day!

Started out the day with texts from the Kid suggesting we do a Zoom meeting later on, and suggesting some lots on I got up, had breakfast and coffee, and then Oldest Brother called and wished me a happy Mother's Day too. And got texts from J and N from program, as well.

After that, I Skyped the FWiB for a nice long time. And then puttered on line for awhile, then went into the bedroom and downloaded the newest Janet Evanovitch Stephanie Plum novel, Twisted Twenty Six, to my Nook and started reading. I texted the Kid and asked when she wanted to Zoom, and she said why not immediately, so I said yes. I set up a Zoom call for the first time, and that worked out well.

We had a nice long visit that way, and she shared her screen with me so that we looked at things on shipgoodwill together. A virtual version of a mother/daughter shopping trip. So that was a nice Mother's Day treat.

When we got off it was after 7 and I put in a bid on one of the lots that she had sent me in the morning, buut I was outbid. I ordered dinner through Seamless, a beef and lamb gyro.

Then I watched the Thurber reading. During that got a text from someone from work withing me a happy Mother's day, which was nice. The Thurber reading was one thing he had already read, and something new, The Case Of Mr. Bruell. My food was delivered while he was reading but I didn't miss much. I ate at he computer.

I texted mashfanficchick's mother to wish her happy Mother's Day, and she texted back. They are doing well under the circumstances.

After the reading I made a mug cake, and had some of the green tea ice cream for dessert. Then went to the bedroom and read until it was time to call Oldest Brother again and then feed Oreo and the turtle.

And now here I am. Oreo is still sneezing, maybe less than before, not sure.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. Mother's Day, and all the mothers in my life.

4. Good food.

5. Zoom.

6. Fun books.

This does not seem to be getting crossposted to LJ, I'll have to post it by hand.

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