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Day 54: Meetings of various types

Started the day at 10:00 with a call from my therapist, which I was expecting but not until 10:30. Better we got it over early though because at 11:00 I had the Book Buzz for work, and that gave me time to get my breakfast and coffee first.

The Book Buzz was fairly interesting, a chance for publishers to highlight some of their new and recent books.

After that I Skyped the FWiB, which is always nice.

Then I had my next meeting, the YA Afternoon tea, which is always fun. That went till 3:30, then, my e-mail still being wonky, I bit the bullet and called Earthlink. And was informed it's a known problem, many complaints, their working on it. Yay.

I went into my bedroom and read more of Chrystallia, which continues to be underwhelming, but not actually dreadful.

Around 6 I started communicating with L and J about how we were going to conduct our Al-anon meeting. We decided on Duo, because that's what J can use, so at 7:00 we got that started. Actually had a 4th person as well! And we did both meetings, not jut 7 to 8, so I was busy to almost 9. Needless to say that precluded the Thurber reading, but I'd rather have the Al-anon meeting. L texted me about a Zoom meeting tomorrow at 10 am, so I may go to that one too.

Then I had dinner, and then my glass of mead. Oldest Brother called, with good news, he finally got his stimulus check. So that's a relief.

And that's basically it for the day.

Gratitude list:

1. The FWiB.

2. My meetings and the people at them.

3. Oldest Brother got his check.

4. Therapy.

5. Week over.

6. Payday.

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