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Day 51: Cinco de Mayo

Once again I slept later than I intended. Got up and breakfasted and coffeed. Did my catching up on-line, then I settled down and did some work stuff. The first thing I did, watching the slides of a genre training on horror was only 12 minutes long, so I did a poetry Book Buzz as well, and that was kind of interesting.

After that I Skyped the FWiB. We talked for a nice long time, during which we were interupted by the exterminator showing up. So I had him come in and do his thing and then got back to the FWiB.

After that I bit the bullet and did what I've been avoiding, changed the turtle's water. She seems very happy about that. Then I took a much-needed shower. It had been far too long since I took one.

After that I killed time til 6:00 when I ordered Mexican food from Seamless. The order was a disaster. It took until about 7:20 to arrive, when the original estimate was between 6:30 and 6:40. And it was cold by then. I think what happened was that it was so late the Seamless driver took off to do another delivery, and my food got done while he was away doing that. So I was pissed. The food was good though, even cold. But how much better it would have been...

Anyway, that was my celebration of Cinco de Mayo. After I ate I watched the Thurber reading. Two stories that I have to say weren't his best, and a fable, which was a repeat of The Owl Who Was God. I had a glass of port, and finished the bottle, while I was watching.

Then I went and lay down and read. I finished the short stuff that N. K. Jemisin wrote in the same universe as the trilogy I just read. So now I have to decide what to read next. Logic dictates the Paul Michael Glaser book. But we shall see.

My boss has scheduled a one-on-one with me for next Tuesday. Makes me nervous, wish there wasn't a whole week to wait. I know she's doing them with all the staff, but I'm scared anyway.

And that's about it for the somewhat frustrating day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Mexican food.. even cold it was good.

3. The exterminator.

4. Port wine.

5. Clean and showered.

6. Happy turtle.

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