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Day 48: Literary stuff

Got up and breakfasted and coffeed. Puttered on line, and then Skyped the FWiB. We spoke for about an hour, as usual.

Got a text from [personal profile] mashfanficchick reminding me of something I had forgotten. Today there was a live streaming conversation between Neil Gaiman and N. K. Jemisin, sponsored by the Fisher Hall at Barrd college. One of my favorite authors, the author I'm currently reading, and my alma mater. The silver chipmunk trifecta! So I set an alarm for that.

Called the Kid, but got no answer. Then texted J, and ended up signing in to Duo for the first time, and having a video call with her. So now I can use not only Skype, but Duo.

Read for a few hours after that, then came out to the living room and puttered on the computer. Had some peanut butter and cheese and crackers for a very late lunch. Called the Kid again but still got no answer. Also facebook messaged her, and again no answer. Now I'm worried she's angry at me for some reason.

Had my glass of wine at 7:00, then at 7:30 the live streaming began via youtube. It was a great conversation to listen to. N. K. Jemisin did a reading from The City We Became, which was excellent. She spoke a bit about Lovecraft, as the book is rather Lovecraftian, though she really dislikes Lovecraft, due to the racial stuff.

During the course of that it was mentioned that there was a brief tribute to the 30th anniversary of the publishing of Good omens, in the form of a dialogue written by Gaiman of a phone conversation between Crowley and Aziraphael, in lockdown, done by the actual actors! So I looked that up (if you want to just go to youtube and search for "good omens lockdown" and it comes right up) and watched it, and it's great!

After that I called Oldest Brother, for the second time. He's doing well, and has the radio station job tomorrow. Called the Kid again, still no answer. I'm disquieted.

Anyway, that was the day. Tomorrow I may try baking that clay paw print of Sybil's. There is one small problem, it needs a temperature of 275 f, and the lowest marking on my stove is 300 f. So I'll have to set it lower than that and hope I get it right.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother back to work.

3. [personal profile] mashfanficchick

4. Bard College.

5. Good authors.

6. Youtube stuff.

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