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Day 44: Sybil's ashes

I slept later than I wanted to despite setting the alarm. I kept hitting the snooze button, and eventually I must have turned off the alarm, though I don't remember doing it. Anyway, it was later than I wanted to get up.

I had breakfast and coffee, then showered and dressed. Then I called cab companies. My usual cab company (as opposed to Uber, which I didn't want to use today because if there's any way of arranging a round trip, I don't know it) is caprice, but they didn't answer the phone, so I called Four Twos, and arranged for a round trip to the vet's, and paid for it by card. It was expensive too. But had to be done. I cried of course.

The ashes are in a very nice box, with a sliding cover to put a photo in. I'll have to see what I can print up. They also came with a clay print of her paw that needs to be baked. I'll do that over the weekend, I think. I'm going to give that to Oldest Brother, along with her collar, because she was his cat too.

After I got back, I didn't feel like doing much of anything in the way of work. I called Oldest Brother, and I called the Kid, and then I did do a little something that counted as work, but I fudged the time, to make it a half hour. I submitted my idea for a virtual program to the Idea Box, and I'll see what comes of it. And I Skyped the FWiB for about an hour. That was comforting.

Anyway, I called Oldest Brother again, and we talked for a very long time, during which I paid the month's rent on the storage place where we have the stuff from Mom's house. That was a swift $357 but had to be done.

Then I opened my next bottle of wine, which was a blueberry wine from Working Dog Winery, and had a glass, and then watched the Thurber reading.

And then I head dinner and treated myself to gelato for dessert. It's been a rough day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Sybil's ashes are home.

3. Oldest Brother is feeling well.

4. Got texts from a friend in program.

5. Beautiful red tulips in Flushing.

6. Gelato.

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