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Day 33: Worried about Sybil

Last night Sybil didn't eat very well, which I put down to maybe having given her to much, or the fact that we went back to the old cat food after a bag of different fancier stuff which was all they had the last time I was in Target and bought it. But this morning she threw up, and she's been off all day. Tonight she shows no interest in eating, and during the day she showed no sign of wanting to hop into the bed while I was reading, like she's been doing. Sybil is elderly, at least 17, maybe older, and I'm afraid that she may have come to the end. For those new to my flist, Sybil was my mother's cat, and I took her on when my mother died and we sold her house. I know the time must come, but please, not now, in this time of quarantine.

*sigh* Aside from that, a fairly normal day for the new normal. Oldest Brother continues to improve, his 14 day quarantine ends Monday, so we'll see if he can get back to work. He had a long talk with John Ivon, for the first time in years, today.

I signed in to the YA Afternoon Tea at 3:00, it was over pretty much by 3:30, so that was only a half hour of work, but better than nothing. It was interesting.

Skyped with the FWiB for an hour. All is well with him.

The Kid called me, she was feeling sad, but I think I cheered her up a little.

Had my Alanon meeting by Skype with L, and after that listened to the Thurber reading.

The Kid has mailed me a mask that she obtained from a friend who makes them, and I should have it in a day or so. That will be useful.

I continue to read The City We Became. It's good. I see why N K Jemisin has such a reputation.

And that's about all I have to say.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oreo and Christie the Turtle are both fine.

3. Oldest Brother much better.

4. Old friends.

5. My meetings and the people there.

6. Keeping myself entertained.

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