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Day 31: I venture Outside

Had a very bad niight last night. Insomnia, I was up until 4. So not surprisingly I slept late. But the bit of work I had planned for today didn't start until 3:00, so that was no problem.

I got up and showered and put on real clothing, and had breakfast and coffee. Then puttered around on the computer, looking at the fic I wrote, reading the things I read each day, and so forth, until 3:00 when I had a meeting which lasted a little less than 45 minutes.

After that, I got on my shoes, tied a scarf around my face, and went out to the drug store. It was a beautiful spring day finally, sunny, warm (I wore my lighter jacket, not my heavy winter coat), and I saw red tulips and bright yellow ones, and violets and dandelions, and blooming trees.

Almost everyone had their face covered either by a mask or a scarf, so I felt like I fit right in. I got cereal, and milk, and my meds. Then came back and found that the turtle's order of Turtle Bone cuttlebone had arrived, or at least the first part of it. For some reason they are sending it as two shipments, this one being four boxes, and another coming I think tomorrow, of one box. Anyway, that came.

Then I Skyped the FWiB. Which is always good, though today we didn't go as long as usual.

Then I went and lay down, and read. I got a facebook message from John Ivon, which was nice.

I called the Kid, not for any particular reason, just to check in.

Then at 7:30 I came out and got set up to watch the Thurber reading. This time it went off without a hitch. So that was good.

Had dinner and went back to the bedroom to read, and then at 9:30 made my fourth call to Oldest Brother (I didn't bother mentioning the other three but I fit them in there.) He is doing much better energy-wise, he sounds much better too. Whew, such a relief! We had a nice conversation.

Then I had the devils ow time getting Oreo into the bathroom so I could get Sybil down from the kitchen cabinets and into the bedroom so I could feed everybody. I was really working! Finally I did, and got everyone fed, and that was the day. I am only slightly annoyed at myself that I forgot to call Middle Brother, which I meant to do.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother felt good enough to go through his e-mail.

3. My $1200 from the government arrived in my bank account.

4. Beautiful day with flowers.

5. My fic looks good.

6. Friends.

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