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Day 26: More worries

The day actually went pretty well. I called Oldest Brother when I got up, and he sounds a tiny bit better. And I had a phone call from my therapist which was comforting.

My Shipt order came, but without the Easter grass for Middle Brother's Easter basket. But everything else was OK.

Then in the afternoon I had two YA meetings, both of which were ok, and talked to Oldest Brother again. Then I Skyped the FWib, which was very nice.

But later my Alanon meeting was cancelled for religious reasons, and the Thurber reading was cancelled because of Kieth Olbermann's allergies acting up. So I missed that.

Then I got ready to call Oldest Brother again, and that's when things got dicey. His landlord called me. The other guys in the house (he lives in a sort of boarding house situation, where he rents a room, and has the use of the kitchen and bathroom; frankly, I'm not sure it's legal) are upset with him being there sick. And apparently he's been going out of his room without wearing a mask or gloves. So the landlord wanted me to talk t him. Which I did. And he says he won't.

Now in NY State there's been a temporary freeze on evictions for 90 days, til June 20. So they can't legally kick him out, but I'm worried anyway, about how it could get nasty. The Kid is reassuring about stuff.

But I'm worried about that.

Oh, a Blessed Good Friday to all who commemorate it, and a Happy Passover to all who celebrate it.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The state freeze on evictions.

3. The Kid.

4. My cats.

5. Oldest Brother does seem to be better.

6. My Shipt order.

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