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Day 18: Took a walk

First, last night when Oldest Brother called me, he told me he had called and talked to Middle Brother and that he is doing all right, just bored. I am going to call him tomorrow.

Got a fright this morning when someone posted on facebook that all New York State public librarians were going to be told by the state that they had to work 5 hours a week from home or they wouldn't be paid. I misread the post, didn't see that it said the state, which kind of gives it away as being nonsense, because the state has nothing to do with individual library systems pay, and especially not with ours in New York City. But I panicked and sent an e-mail to someone in the union, who said she hadn't heard anything about it. So I felt better. Not that five hours a week is anything too big, but it's hard coming up with stuff to do every day.

Anyway after that I threw on some clothing and bagged up a bunch of recyclables, and went out. I dropped off the recyclables, and then went around the corner, where I discovered that the Dunkin' Donuts is closed temporarily. I proceeded down the street to the discount store where I got a gallon of milk, and then went to the bagel place, which is open, where I got a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll for my breakfast.

Came home, washed up, made coffee and had breakfast. Then I did a training on on google slides. That was over an hour, and that's my work for the day.

After that I started Skyping the FWiB, but got interrupted by a call from the Kid. She was rather upset and worried about something so I calmed and reassured her as best I could.

Anyway, we got back on Skype again, but the call was so bad we had to give it up and finish by phone.

After that I puttered on and finally decided what I wanted to download as my next book, it's called The Wild Road and it's the first in a series that I already have (but haven't read) the second of. It's recommended by Charles de Lint, and was only $1.99 to download, so why not? It's about a cat on a quest.

I downloaded that and started reading, then I took a nap til it was time to get ready for the Thurber reading. Tonight was University Days, and Draftboard Nights.

After that I had dinner, and went and read some more, til it was time to feed the pets. And then I talked to Oldest Brother, and then I started this post, and here we are.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. I can help the Kid.

3. My union rep.


5. Nice weather for my walk.

6. The bagel place.

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