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We are closed

That's the big news for the day. I guess there's no point in covering up who I work for any more, so I'll just say the New York Public Library is going to be closed for at least two weeks, starting tomorrow and going through March 31. I could have found this out last night, because they sent out the e-mail aorund 8 PM or so. But I'm not in the habit of checking my work e-mail from home, so I didn't know.

Started the day by almost oversleeping because I didn't turn the alarm on last night. Fortunately I woke up only a half hour after the alarm should have gone off, so I was able to make it to therapy on time, even getting my usual coffee and donut first.

Then went to work and there found the joyous news. We are getting Other Paid Leave which means we aren't using up our annual leave time. I was scheduled for annual leave the week after next, but Mr t told me that he had called the Union Shop Steward because he had some annual leave scheduled too, and she told him that if he cancelled it immediately he would be able to use Other Paid Leave for that time instead of AL. So I immediately cancelled my annual leave, and my boss said that was OK but I had to reschedule it right away too. So I looked at the schedules and took the first week in June.

Anyway, the day passed very quietly, most people were OK with the closing, one guy took it ill, but he is something of a crank and conspiracy nut anyway. Blamed it on Gov. Cuomo wanting to be president.

After work I went to Boston Market, which was almost empty, and had dinner, which they were only serving in the disposable take-out containers, even if you were eating in. Then I went to Dunkin' Donuts and had an iced matcha latte.

Skyped the FWiB and we talked until time for my meeting. We cancelled the second meeting and only had the first, so I got out at 8 and headed home. I got a voicemail from someone from the Saturday meeting so I learned that that's cancelled tomorrow.

The Kid had texted me that she didn't think it was a good idea going to Applebees tomorrow, and she also texted Oldest Brother, and she finally convinced us not to go, so we're having Middle Brother's birthday here, and calling in pizza.

I also facebook messaged Sue to confirm that the Kid is not going to Matt and Julie's wedding.

And that is my day, and journal of life in the time of covid-19.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My meetings and the people there.

3. Two weeks off.

4. The Kid worries about us.

5. My therapy.

6. The rain this morning turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon and evening.

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