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Ugh. But I got to work on time. The day was quiet because there was no school, it being Midwinter Recess.

The Kid texted me and then called. The SIL has agreed to couples therapy, though he says he is not interested in reconciliation. But it's a step in the right direction. They agreed to meet tonight to talk about it.

After work I Skyped the FWiB. Rather than going to Flushing, I went to 20th ave, and from there to College Point, and got my face waxed. Then I went to a different pizza place than usual, because the place I usually go to is closed for renovation. And I think the place I went to has better pizza anyway, so I may keep going back. It's just a block further away. There are lots of pizza places in College Point. After that I Skyped the FWiB again for a bit (we got off when I got my face waxed)

The Kid called me again before my meeting, and we talked. Then my meeting went well. Someone brought a chocolate babka which was delicious. She gave it to me to take home. I brought the candy I bought yesterday.
So we had treats.

After the meeting the Kid called again, about her meeting with the SIL. Mixed results but he has agreed to therapy.

Tomorrow I have a meeting way on the other side of the Bronx. So I have to get up early again tomorrow. So I need to get to bed now.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. My meetings and the people there.

4. Someone from my meeting had a heart attack but is OK now.

5. Good treats.

6. Bed now.

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