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Saw the Kid today

Started out with coffee and Skyping the FWiB. then after that I took a shower and got dressed and left for the Kid's place, taking the stuff I had for her, including Nova. Stopped at the bagel place first and got a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll and orange juice. Then got on the bus to get to the subway station.

What I discovered was that once again the train was only running from 111th Street and I had to take the shuttle bus. It didn't take as long as last time though, I suppose because it was a holiday and earlier in th day. Anyway, I got to the train, and took the 7 to Queensboro Plaza and switched to the N. I actually got seats most of the way!

Got to the Kid's place, and hung out with her for a few hours. She tidied her living room and changed the grit in the rock tumbler. I took the slurry from the rock tumbler down and dumped it in the street... you can't put it down your drains, it's powdered rock after all, it would clog them up like concrete!

I didn't stay too long, just a few hours. Left, and retraced my steps, N to Queensboro Plaza, 7 to 111th Street, and shuttle bus from there to Flushing.

I got a bubble tea, a new kind, made with berries and juice as well as tea and milk and the tapioca bubbles. It was very good. Then I went into What used to be Duane Read, but is now a Walgren's I think, and got hair mousse. I also discovered that they actually did have half price Valentine's candy, so I bought a $10 heart for only $5. I think I'll take it to my meting tomorrow.

Texted [profile] mashhfanficchick in the hopes they were home and might be doing dinner, but they were still in NJ.

Then came home and rested. Ate dinner, and ate my extra sundae from last Wednesday. Been puttering on my phone for awhile, playing solitaire.

Tomorrow I have to be at work at 9:00. Ugh, I hate this. However it will give me time to get my face waxed after work before my meeting.

And that's pretty much everything.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. Sunny, warmish day.

4. Bubble tea.

5. My phone.

6. Pretty rocks.

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