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Valentine's Day

Started by Dunkin' Donuts coffee and a Brownie Batter donut, prior to having therapy, which went very well. Then to work. Got there with three minutes to gulp down my yogurt and start work at 12:30. Although I always say I'll be in by 1, I like to start earlier. I don't know why it took so long to get to work from Flushing where I get the bus, it usually doesn't. The Kid was texting me through the morning.

Anyway, work was OK, nothing special. After work I went to the bank for cash (today was payday) and then for no particular reason, to Rite Aid. I had been thinking maybe I'd pick up some Valentine's candy for my meeting. But their shelves were absolutely picked clean of any Valentine's candy. So much for the jokes about Feb. 15th being half priced chocolate day!

So I went to Boston Market for dinner, and then Skyped the FWiB while I ate. Afterward i went to Dunin' Donuts for hot chocolate to wait for my meeting.

The meeting was very good, but ran a few minutes late, so I almost missed my bus home. Made it with only a few minutes to spare.

Nothing new at home, currently waiting for my nightly but not usually mentioned here call from Oldest Brother.

And that was my Valentine's Day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. My meetings and the people there.

4. Didn't miss the bus, so I didn't have to wait a half hour in the very cold weather.

5. No rain.

6. Three day weekend ahead.

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