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Tired cause of being up so late last night and then getting up for work. But it was fun, last night I mean, not work. Which was actually OK. I had a class of developmentally disabled teens come in, and that worked out well.

After work I went to Boston Market as usual for Fridays. And then went to Dunkin' Donuts and got hot chocolate while I texted the Kid and Skyped the FWiB. The Kid is still sad and depressed. The FWiB has a PET scan tomorrow.

Then I went to my meeting, which was small but good. And came home and have been continuing to text the Kid.

So tomorrow is February 1 and Sunday is Groundhog Day. Not there's been much of a real winter this year. Global Warming at work, feh. But I like Groundhog Day, I think groundhogs are kinda' cute, and I like hearing what they "predict". Groundhog Day was also my grandmother's birthday, and the last year of her life she got something that, according to my mother, she'd always wanted; a Groundhog Day/birthday card.

One small political not... today was the day the Senate voted no witnesses in the impeachment trial. God damn them.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My meetings and the people at them.

3. My amethyst geode.

4. The Kid has good friends.

5. Bed soon.

6. Donuts.

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